TCLP - Tribes Console Log Parser

TCLP will parse your Starsiege Tribes or Tribes 2 server's logfile and pull out name/ip correlations and scoring information. The data is entered into a MySQL database. You can retrieve the data either through manually entering SQL commands or through the provided web (php) interface.

TCLP was initially created to help admins find "smurfers" or people using someone else's name or a different name than they would normally use. If a name is searched for, all the IP's that are associated with that name will be listed. If a IP is searched, all the names that have connected with that IP will be listed.
Very basic scoring information can also be searched and listed.

For more detailed information, download the package.

Sourceforge Project Page. Go here for more information and downloads.

Latest in ChangeLog:
v0.75 - 11/18/01
Added Tribes 2 scoring. Had to add a caps column to the stats table
Modified index.php.

Spiff up frontend.
I need more logfiles to furthur test/add to tclp.

Last modified 11/19/01 5:24:25 PM